Tips for Choosing a Memory Care Facility for Your Loved One

Nov 23, 2022

When it comes time for a memory care facility, the options can be overwhelming. These tips for choosing a place for your loved one, as well as advice about making the transition, will make things go more smoothly for everyone.

1. Ask About the Staff

As much as you might connect with the administrative representative you meet with, it’s the staff who will be interacting with your loved one on a day-to-day basis. They are the ones who will be providing the care; from preparing and serving meals to managing medication reminders. Ask about the qualifications of staff members, how they are vetted, and what credentials they hold.

2. Does It Feel Comfortable?

Personal comfort is an often-overlooked criteria when choosing a memory care facility, but it’s very important. Will your loved one be able to feel at home at this facility, or does it clash with what they perceive as being comfortable?

3. Are the Available Activities Relevant?

Most memory care facilities offer activities, but it’s important that they’re relevant to your loved one’s interests. Are resources available for your loved one to continue their favorite pastimes and hobbies?

4. Is the Food Good?

There’s a big difference between nutritious food and appetizing meals. One without the other is no good. If the food’s nutritious but tastes bad, your loved one won’t want to eat it. If it tastes great but lacks in nutrients, your loved one will suffer from that. Have a meal or two from the facility with your loved one and make sure the food is satisfying, both in a nutritious way and tasty.

5. How Are Health Problems Handled?

Is medical care available? In what ways can your loved one receive emergency and non-emergency medical care? Is there an on-site physician or registered nurse? These are critical questions to get answered before you make any final decision.

6. Make Several Visits Before Finalizing Plans

Your visits should include one unannounced visit, preferably when you first express interest, one daytime visit and one evening visit. This will give you a comprehensive idea of what it’s like to visit and live there.

7. Check References and Ask for Recommendations

Most established memory care facilities will provide a few references from past caregivers. Ask if you can have a list of references or recommendations. This will help you to hear firsthand what it’s like to use that memory care facility.

8. Ensure the Facility Is Financially Sound

Behind the scenes, memory care facilities are run like a business. They have fiscal responsibilities, budgets, and expenses just like any other business. And, if the facility is not financially sound, they run the risk of not being able to provide the top-quality care you expect.

Your success with any memory care facility depends in part on how well you do your research ahead of time. Diamondback Healthcare Center uses a personal approach to care and is committed to providing residents with the best quality of care for memory-challenged adults. Contact us today to learn more.