Tips for Making Post-Acute Rehab Successful After Your Hospital Stay

Dec 22, 2022

Here at Diamondback Healthcare Center, we provide upscale rehabilitation from injuries and illnesses with specialized services. Our facility in Phoenix, Arizona, features a post-acute rehab center for patients who are post-surgery or in recovery from a long-term medical condition.

If you are in rehab for an injury or illness, such as a car accident or sports injury, you can grow stronger and heal faster not only through the actual post-acute rehab services but also by putting forth a strong personal effort into your rehab journey.

Make the Most of Your Post-Acute Rehab

As you consider whether post-acute rehab is right for you or a loved one, keep in mind that these personal efforts will go a long way to benefiting this type of therapy:

  • Carry out each physical therapy session with the utmost dedication.
  • Do all exercises prescribed to you as thoroughly as possible.
  • Eat healthily and focus on protein to help boost muscle development.
  • Work on having a more positive mindset.
  • Celebrate any progress you make in recognition of your personal achievements.
  • Go to a leading facility for post-acute rehab care.
  • Sleep at least eight hours each night.
  • Relax as needed to help with muscle development.
  • Stay in the zone regarding how you are progressing with therapy.
  • Be open and honest with therapists if they push you too hard or not hard enough.
  • Wear comfortable workout clothing that has stretch and supports your body.
  • Visit with friends and family to stay positive and for moral support.

Finally, as you consider a place to go for post-acute rehab and therapy, check out what other services they have onsite. You may be able to explore restaurants, beauty salons and recreational activities.

At Diamondback Healthcare Center, for example, residents have access to:

  • Multi-sensory therapy room
  • Library that accommodates individuals with dementia
  • Full-service hair and nail salon for beauty treatments

The goal with offering such services at our facility is to reduce the burden on caregivers and residents.

We understand that individuals who are in physical or mental therapy as part of treatment for an injury or illness may need additional support in certain areas. This includes a therapy room, library and salon plus therapists on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Request Post-Acute Rehab Today

Diamondback Healthcare Center specializes in post-acute rehab and offers a variety of applicable services. We are focused on well-being as a whole for recovery from an injury or illness.

Let our nursing team assist you or a loved one in achieving optimal health and personal mobility. This will set you on the path to greater independence as you recover. Contact our team at 623-303-2882 for information.